Ceramic Tiling

Perhaps the most waterproof of all the different kinds of flooring, this is a great choice for kitchens and bathrooms. Ceramic tiles are also highly stain resistant, along with being very easy to keep clean. They are available in a variety of different finishes including both matte and embossed. For those who are worried about slipping on wet tiles, it is now possible to purchase them with an anti-slip coating. Unfortunately, tiling can be very cold underfoot and it can also be quite noisy.


This type of flooring has fallen out of favour with homeowners over recent years. However, it still has a number of advantages over products such as hardwood and stone. It is the ultimate kind of flooring for those looking to achieve a warm and cosy feel. It is soft underfoot making it a perfect choice for bedrooms.

It also provides a soft landing for those household members who may be vulnerable to falls. As any parent will know, toddlers can fall over numerous times a day! Unfortunately, carpet is not as easy to keep clean as other kinds of flooring. It is also more susceptible to fading