Team Building Activity

When times get tough in the office, icebreakers can make a difference in the corporate environment. Not everyone in the office appreciates going out of the office. Here is a corporate team building activity that can make any workweek memorable and exciting.

Human bingo

Human bingo is a great ice breaker that will get the team members talking to each other. Giving a special award or prize at the end can make it very enticing.

Goal: Socialize and communicate with other team members

Materials needed: pens and papers with a 5 x 5 square grid.

Rule: Each box on the board includes an adjective or phrase that describes a particular person’s life personality or characteristic. Here are some samples

the eldest in the family

has a twin

has never drink any alcohol

has a crush in the office

can sing

has visited another country

does not have a social media account

The more interesting it is, the better.

Distribute the papers and pens or pencils to each team member. The rule is to interview other team members to find out if they fit in any of the descriptions in the box. If the description applies to them, they need to put their name and signature on the table. They can only sign once. The owner of the paper can’t sign their name either.

For less than 24 team members, you can allow at most two signatures from the same person.

The person with a completed, the signed card will be declared the winner. They will get the coveted award or prize. To make things fun, you can offer consolation prizes for the 1st two persons who have completed a row whether it be diagonal or cross.

Not much can be expected from a team who barely know each other. For a team to work, getting together and establishing rapport is the first step towards creating an organization that works.